Regular Board Meeting

1. Call to Order

1.1 Roll Call

1.2 Pledge of Allegiance

2. Approval of Board Agenda

4. Recognition of Visitors and Public Participation (Agenda Items Only)

(Please speak to the Treasurer prior to the start of this meeting.)

5. Treasurer's Report and Recommendations

6. Superintendent's Report
Robert A. Britton

7. Personnel - Certified Staff

7.1 Approve the Substitute Teacher List from the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center, as per Exhibit A.

Approve the ongoing updated list of certificated / licensed substitutes, screened / hired through the Mid-Ohio ESC, who have named Bucyrus as the employing district, and authorize the District Treasurer to pay the substitutes on the Mid-Ohio ESC list between meetings.

7.2 Approve the following Limited Supplement Contracts as stated and pending certification and completion of all State and Board requirements.

Dawn Martin, RESA Mentor to M.Holman 

21st CCLC Grant Supplemental Contracts:

Grant Program Manager:  Robin Showers

BES After School Program, Co-Coordinators:  Robin Showers, Aubrey Brause, Kim Mutchler

BES After School Program,Tutors:  Abbie Adams, Rachel Aldrich, Nicole Everhart, Kenzie Holman, Monica Johnson, Erin Jones, Lori Rister, Janet Kohls, Jamie Lyons, Dawn Martin, Kim Mutchler, Mary Ellen Myers, Stephanie Newton,Tiffany Powers, Carrie Robertson, and Donya Sutter

BSS After School Program, Co-Coordinator:  Karolyn Rebon

BSS After School Program, Tutors:  George Barbuto, Cathy Green, Pat Hargis, Roxanne Jones, Tiffany Powers, Dan Rebon, Karolyn Rebon, Jessica Stake, Brenda Stockmaster, Donya Sutter, and Shaun Teynor

7.3 Accept the following resignation per Exhibit B.

Kelly Wood-Ard, retire-rehire to non-return, effective May 24, 2024

8. Personnel - Classified Staff

8.1 Approve changes to Renhill Contract of Services, as per Exhibit C.

8.2 Accept the following resignations per Exhibits D-F.

8.3 Approve the following Limited Supplement Contracts as stated and pending certification and completion of all State and Board requirements.

Kristen Orewiler, revision on contract Middle School Basketball - Girls, Half-Contract

Craig Orewiler, revision on contract Middle School Basketball - Girls, Full-Contract

Crystle Siegel, Middle School Assistant Cheer (retroactive to 9/12/2023)

21st CCLC Grant Supplemental Contracts: 

BES After School Program, Aide/Secretary:  Kathy Knecht, Becky Lutz, Jalyn Lyons, Linda Snyder

BSS After School Program, Aide/ Secretary:  Melanie Whitmore

9. Business

9.1 Approve Request for Early Completion of Graduation Requirements, as per Exhibits G-I.

9.2 Approve the following students for whole-grade acceleration, per Exhibits J & K.

9.3 Approve the Overnight Student Trips for the Wrestling Team per Exhibits L-N.

9.4 Approve the proposal as written for the Bucyrus City Schools Summer Community Musical 2024 as per Exhibit O.

9.5 Approve establishing a Student Activity fund for Diner 104 per Exhibit P.

200-9104 Student Activity Fund

9.6 Approve the transfer from 018 high school fund to activity fund 200 Diner 104 per Exhibit Q.

Transfer $3,502.83 from High School principal fund 018-9217 to Diner 104 fund 200-9104

9.7 Approve the Service Agreement with MOESC for CPI Training per Exhibit R.

9.8 Accept the following donations as stated per Exhibit S & T.

Bucyrus City School District Staff Scholarship Fund  $ 279.40

Brandy Lee, Trumpet to Bucyrus Band Program

Susan Gulley, Drum to Bucyrus Band Program 

9.9 Approve the Bus Routes for 2023 - 2024 School Year as per Exhibits.

10. Discussion

10.1 NEOLA Policy Updates

11. Public Participation (Any Topic)

12. Executive Session

To consider the appointment; employment; dismissal; discipline; promotion; demotion; compensation of a public employee or official; and/or the investigation of charges/complaints against a public employee, official, licensee, or regulated individual (unless public hearing is requested), as per ORC § 121.22.  

13. Adjourn