Board Meeting

1. Meeting Called To Order

President Murtiff called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

1.1 Roll Call

1.2 Pledge of Allegiance

2. Approval Of Minutes

March 31, 2015  7pm Regular Meeting Minutes

3. Commendations

3.1 Future Chef Commendations
Mrs. Lorie Pennington

Karys Boyd, Melody Burke, Madalyn Kimmel, Christian Linn, and Natalie Stover

3.2 Senior Capstone Presentation

Autumn Swartz, "Lovely Time of the Celestial Heart"

3.3 Rotary 4-Way Speech Contest Bucyrus Competitors
Mrs. Robin Showers

Jacob Bloomfield, Chelsea Dunlavy, and Mark Musick

4. Approve The Treasurer's Financial Report Dated:
Mr. Ryan Cook, Treasurer

Please see attached the financial report dated March 31, 2015

5. Approve The Addendum To The Agenda

6. Committee Reports

6.1 Legislative Report
Mr. Adam Stone

6.2 Athletics
Mr. Bradley Murtiff, President and Mr. Douglas Schiefer

6.3 Pioneer
Dr. Paul Johnson

6.4 Student Achievement
Dr. Paul Johnson

6.5 Wellness
Ms. Traci Wetterau

6.6 Student Representative
Ms. Taryn Ramsey

7. Superintendent's Report
Mr. Kevin Kimmel, Superintendent

7.1 Food Service Monthly Report
Mrs. Lorie Pennington

8. Opportunity To Address The Board

(Please speak to the Treasurer prior to the start of this meeting.)

9. Personnel - Certified Staff

9.1 Approve the Substitute Teacher List from the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center, as per Exhibit A.

9.2 Non-renew the following one-year supplemental contracts for extra-curricular activities upon completion of the 2014-15 school year.

Leah Barger          Teacher Leader, 5th Grade (half contract)

Joanna Barre          Teacher Leader - Math

Kevin Boggs          Asst. Varsity Track Coach

Aaron Campbell     Teacher Leader, Social Studies; Teacher Mentor (Rich Ulmer - year 1)

Joshua Coleman    Asst. MS Football Coach; Asst. Freshmen Baseball Coach; Asst. JV Boys Basketball Coach

Beth Constantine   Girls Booster Club Advisor; 21st CCLC BEST After School

Anne Devine          20 Days Extended Time

Aaron Eckert          Asst. Varsity Baseball Coach; Head Football Coach; Faculty Manager; Virtual Learning Academy

Nancy Fischer       Teacher Mentor (Joshua Coleman - year 2); Thursday School Monitor; BHS Quiz Team Advisor;

                              Virtual Learning Academy

Mark Fiske             HS Marching, Pep, and Concert Band Director

Kevin Fourman      20 Days Extended Time; After School Credit Recovery Coordinator; BHS Student Council (half contract for

                              2013-14); BHS Student Council (half contract for 2014-15); Resident Educator Mentor Facilitator;

                              Teacher Mentor (Ann Shanda - year 2); Virtual Learning Academy

Kristine Fourman   Teacher Leader - Preschool

Derek French         Teacher Leader, 3rd Grade (half-contract)

Nicole French        Bucyrus Players Director (half-contract); Head Drama Advisor; HS/MS Choir Director; Teacher Leader

Cathy Green          21st CCLC BEST After School Tutor - Sub

Bethany Guinther   Head Girls Basketball Coach

Kim Haldeman        21st CCLC BEST After School Tutor; 21st CCLC - Morning Tutor; Teacher Leader, 3rd Grade (half-contract);

                               Teacher Mentor (Julia Kagy - year 1)

Terra Hamm           Teacher Leader; Teacher Mentor (Melissa Kennedy - year 1); Virtual Learning Academy;

                                Yearbook Advisor (half-contract)

Patricia Hargis        Virtual Learning Academy

Julia Kagy               Asst. MS Volleyball Coach

Richard Keller         Asst. Varsity Football Coach

Melissa Kennedy    Asst. Cheerleading Advisor

Amanda Kent          Virtual Learning Academy; Science Club Advisor; Teacher Leader - Science;

                                Teacher Mentor (Liuyi Liu - year 2)

Karen Kocher          Teacher Mentor (Brittany Kaple - year 1)

Kim Light                 20 Days Extended Time

Nancy Lipscomb     Teacher Leader

Liuyi Liu                  Virtual Learning Academy

Brett Love               Virtual Learning Academy; Home Instuction Tutor; HS Asst. Baseball Coach

Kim Makeever        Teacher Mentor (Holly Cleland - year 1); MS Cheerleading Advisor

Matt Makeever       Asst. Varsity Footbal Coach; Virtual Learning Academy

Sarah Martin          Elementary Choir; Teacher Leader

Sean Maudsley      Asst. MS Boys Basketball Coach; Head Boys Baseball Coach

Kayli McCullough   Prom Advisor (half-contract)

Pam Meadows       Teacher Leader (half-contract)

Amy Moody            Home Instruction Tutor; Virtual Learning Academy; Prom Advisor (half-contract)

Martin Myers          Head Golf Coach; Teacher Leader

Jason Nickler         Asst. Freshmen Football Coach; Asst. MS Track Coach

Allysen Noyes       Asst. JV Girls Basketball Coach; Asst. JV Volleyball Coach

Erika Orians          Middle School Student Council Advisor

Amy Plumley         BHS Cheerleading Advisor; Teacher Mentor (Kayli McCullough - year 2)

Lori Rager             Teacher Leader; Teacher Mentor (Hannah Herring - year 2)

Rick Rawson        Virtual Learning Academy

Charles Ridenour  Virtual Learning Academy

Katie Roesch         Asst. Varsity Track Coach; Faculty Manager; Home Instruction Tutor; Teacher Leader

Tony Rose            MS Athletic Manager; Faculty Manager; Freshmen Class Advisor; Head Boys Basketball Coach;

                              Sophomore Class Advisor

Heath Sager         Asst. Freshmen Football Coach; Virtual Learning Academy

Martin Schuster    Junior Class Advisor (half-contract); Student Counci Advisor (half-contract); Thursday School Monitor

Ashley Severt       Virtual Learning Academy

Greg Shifley          Middle School Band Director

Kaylene Slayton    Virtual Learning Academy; Home Instruction Tutor

Katie Spaniel        Head Volleyball Coach; Home Instruction Tutor; Virtual Learning Academy; Yearbook Advisor (half-contract);

                             Faculty Manager

Michael Striker     HS Asst. Basebal Coach; Art Club Advisor; Asst. MS Boys Basketball Coach; Faculty Manager;

                             Head Girls Golf Coach; Junior Class Advisor (half contract); Virtual Learning Academy

Donya Sutter        21st CCLC BEST After School Tutor

Shaun Teynor      Home Instruction Tutor; Virtual Learning Academy

Scott Tinnermeier  Teacher Leader

Rich Ulmer           Asst. JV Wrestling Coach; Asst. MS Football Coach


9.3 Non-renew the following one-year supplemental contract for extra-curricular activities upon completion of the 2014-15 school year.

Winnie Johnson     Senior Class Advisor and

                               10 Days Extended Time

9.4 Non-renew the following volunteer contracts for extra-curricular activities upon completion of the 2014-15 school year.

Robert Chevalier     Volunteer Asst. Wrestling Coach

Michael Striker        Volunteer Golf Coach

9.5 Accept resignation, for the purpose of retirement, and authorize Treasurer to pay any severances due, to the following:

Beverly Milheim, Middle School American History, effective June 1, 2015

9.6 Accept the resignation of Matt Makeever, Head Wrestling Coach, effective April 9, 2015.

9.7 Approve request for Family Medical Leave Act for the following:

Lori Rister           April 9, 2015 - June 2, 2015


10. Personnel - Classified Staff

10.1 Non-renew the following one-year supplemental contracts for extra-curricular activities upon completion of the 2014-15 school year.

Kyle Blankenship        Asst. MS Wrestling Coach

Cierra Bond                 Majorettes / Flag Corp Advisor

Jill Burling                   Asst. HS Softball Coach

Robert Dille                 Asst. MS Girls Basketball Coach

Ryan Foreman            Asst. MS Football Coach

Kaitlyn Fourman          Percussion Advisor

Jerry Hargis                 Head Softball Coach

Scott Heinle                Asst. MS Wrestling Coach

Phil Joseph                 Asst. Freshmen Softball Coach; Asst. Freshmen Boys Basketball Coach

Diane Kaple                Bowling Advisor

Neill Ley                      Asst. MS Football Coach

Ashleigh Miller            Head Swimming Coach

Tyson Mollenkopf        Asst. HS Softball Coach

Craig Orewiler             Asst. MS Girls Basketball Coach

Beverly Paolella          Home Instruction Tutor

Tim Plumley                Asst. Varsity Football Coach

Karolyn Rebon           Asst. Drama Advisor; Bucyrus Players Director (half-contract)

Babette Rittenour      Asst. MS Cross Country Coach; MS Asst. Track Coach

Carl Rittnenour           Head Cross Country Coach; Head Boys and Girls Track Coach

Mary Scott                  Ticket Taker - Athletic Dept.

Brian Seybert            Asst. MS Footbll Coach

Corey Seyfors           Asst. Freshmen Football Coach

Jason Slagle             Asst. MS Football Coach

John Supon               Faculty Manager; Head Boys Tennis Coach; Head Girls Tennis Coach

Alisha Williams          Asst. MS Volleyball Coach


10.2 Non-renew the following volunteer contracts for extra-curricular activities activities upon completion of the 2014-15 school year.

Dennis Lybarger     Volunteer Asst. Girls Basketball Coach

Connor Mutchler     Volunteer Asst.Boys Basketball Coach

Dorthy Williams       Volunteer Asst. MS Volleyball Coach

10.3 Non-renew the following volunteer contract for extra-curricular activities upon completion of the 2014-15 school year.

Bradley Murtiff    Asst. Football Coach

10.4 Approve a leave of absence without pay for the following.

Charmaine Teets, Secondary Food Service, May 18, 2015 (one day)

June Gebhardt, Educational Aide, May 15, 2015 (one day)

10.5 Accept the resignation of Jason Slagle, Middle School Assistant Track Coach, effective April 13, 2015.

10.6 Approve a one-year limited supplemental contract, as per approved supplemental salary schedule, to the following personnel for the 2014-15 school year for extra-curricular activities.

Dave Jones, MS Assistant Track Coach

11. Business

11.1 Approve the 2015 BHS Athletic Teams Activities and Camps, as per Exhibit B.

In addition to the camp dates listed on Exhibit B, please also include:

May 18, 19, 20, and 21, 2015 Golf Camp  at Golf Club of Bucyrus

11.2 Approve the Athletic Dead Period from June 28 through July 5, 2015.

11.3 Approve the following prospective candidates for graduation (list is subject to change) from Bucyrus High School.

Upon completion of the graduation requirements of the State Department of Education and the Bucyrus Board of Education, the High School diploma shall be conferred on May 31, 2015.

Devin A. Alspach

William Mykal Taylor Bayless

Trent Alvarado Beebe

Ashley Jordan Bennett

Alexis Breckenridge

Taylor Nicole Bryant

Tiffani A. Butler

Joshua Anthony Byrd

Justin Noble Campbell

Rebecka May Clinard

Hobie James Cotsamire

Hannah Leigh Cox

Doral J. Dagher

Savannah Cheyenne Dilgard

Kelsey May Downing

Zoe Rain Downing

Chelsea Michele Dunlavy

Justice Nicole Dye

Anthony Murray Edmonds

Summer Marie Eidson

Bradley Allen Ernsberger

Haley Renee Fetters

Megan Lynn Flaherty

Michelle Ford

Susanna M. Frizzell

Jaclyn Elizabeth Gabriel

Louis Rivera Garcia

Mark E. Garcia

Shania Lynn Gardner

Cynthia Ann Garrett

Dustin Allen Giffin

McKinley Elise Hargis

Jesse Daniel Heinle

Dakota James Hensley

Antonio Luis Hernandez

Carson Taylor Herschler

Richard Alan Jackson Hildebrand

Ryan P. Hillman

Dakota Paul Hinkle

Paul K. Holdcraft

Cole Lincoln Charles Hollis

Aries S. James

Lonnie R. Johnson

Dalon Allen Demeatrius King

Chad Anthony Lewis

Gavin Orry Meinzer

Ashley Nichole Mongold

Nathaniel Micheal Mullins

Cole Edward Murtiff

Mark D. Musick

Becca Ann Mutchler

Dylan Samuel Mutchler

Dalton Lee Myers

Cheyanne Marie Nickum

Brittany Ann Parsell

Justese Ray Parsell

Brandon J. Perdue

Julia Lynn Petrella

Greggory J. Piatt

John Walter Price II

Tayrn Nicole Ramsey

Dakota P. M. Rapp

Matthew Jacob Rimmer

William Maurice Samuels

Thomas W. Schluter III

Makayla Lynn Schwartz

Selena Elizabeth Snodgrass

Levi Alan Spence

Alex Lee Sprague

Trenton J. Staska

Austin Douglas Stevens

Autumn Rose Swartz

Dalton Joe Sweeney

Casey Devin-Elwood Turner

Dakota Ray Turner

Jacob Michael Tuttle

Nicole Breann Tuttle

Samuel Coerte VanVoorhis

Mercedes Nicole Wainwright

Bonnie Sara Renae Welsh

Austin McKae Williams




11.4 Approve 2015-16 Student Insurance Program through Guarantee Trust Life (Rinehart - Walters - Danner Assoc.), as per Exhibit C.

11.5 Approve Fund to Fund Transfer

Authorize the Treasurer to transfer $500.00 from the (018-9717) Academic Boosters account into (007-9909) Academic Boosters Scholarship Account.

11.6 Approve Neola Board Policy as previously reviewed at the March 31, 2015 Board Meeting.

11.7 Approve the Purpose Clause and Budget for the Middle School Student Council, as per Exhibit D.

11.8 Approve Mohican Sports Medicine Contract, as per Exhibit E.

11.9 Approve service agreement with Public School Works, as per Exhibit F.

11.10 Accept the following donations as stated:

Bucyrus City School District Staff Scholarship Fund                 $ 219.50

Bucyrus City School District employees

12. Discussions

12.1 Approve Neola Board Policy, special update, as per Exhibit G.

13. Communications

14. Announcements

15. Executive Session

16. Adjourn Executive Session

17. Adjourn