Regular Board Meeting

1. Call to Order

1.1 Roll Call

1.2 Pledge of Allegiance

2. Approval of Board Agenda

3. Approval of Board Minutes

Regular Board Meeting Minutes November 18, 2021

4. Recognition of Visitors and Public Participation (Agenda Items Only)

(Please speak to the Treasurer prior to the start of this meeting.)

5. Treasurer's Report and Recommendations

6. Superintendent's Report and Recommendations
Matthew W. Chrispin

Board Report - Mr. Michael Panamarczuk

6.1 Overnight / Extended Student Trip for Wrestling, as per Exhibit A.

6.2 Overnight / Extended Student Trip for Band Florida Trip, as per Exhibit B.

7. Personnel - Certified Staff

7.1 Approve the Substitute Teacher List from the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center, as per Exhibit C.

7.2 Approve a one-year limited supplemental contract as per approved supplemental salary schedule to the following personnel for extra-curricular activities pending completion of all State and Board requirements including favorable background checks.

Abby Eichler-Clough - VOLUNTEER Bowling Coach

Nancy Fischer - Teacher Leader

Shane Kokensparger - Home Instruction Tutor

7.3 Approve a Leave of Absence, without pay, for the following:

Natalie Freed:  January 26-28, 2022


8. Personnel - Classified Staff

9. Business

9.1 Accept the following donations as stated:

Bucyrus City School District Staff Scholarship Fund  $ 280.00

9.2 Authorize the Superintendent and Treasurer to enter into contract for track resurfacing and base repairs (if necessary), pending ODE approval of ESSR III funds, as per Exhibit D.

9.3 Authorize the Superintendent and Treasurer to enter into contract with Design Fitness for the Weight Room proposal, as per Exhibit E.

10. Discussion

10.1 Elect President Pro Tem

10.2 Organizational Meeting Date for January 2022

11. Public Participation (Any Topic)

12. Executive Session

Motion seeking Board approval to move into executive session for the purpose of:

The appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, or compensation of public employees or regulated individuals, or the investigation of charges or complaints against a public employee or regulated individual unless such person requests a public hearing; and in accordance with ORC §121.22

13. Adjourn Executive Session

14. Adjourn