Board Meeting

1. Meeting Called To Order



1.1 Roll Call


Board President Brad Murtiff called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

The following Board of Education members were present:

Ms. Traci Wetterau
Dr. Paul Johnson
Mr. Doug Schiefer
Mr. Brad Murtiff

Mr. Adam Stone was absent.

2. Discussions

9:00-9:10        Welcome and overview for the day - Kevin Kimmel


9:10-9:40        Secondary School Report – Mark Burke


9:40-10:10      Elementary School Report – Erica Dietzel


10:10-10:25    Gifted Services Report – Carrie Wood


10:25-10:40    Special Education Report – John Massara  


10:40-10:45    Break


10:45-11:15    Ohio Improvement Process – Matt Henderson


11:15-12:00    Strategic Planning Process (Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles)

3. Adjourn


The work session was adjourned at 12:25 p.m.

Result: Approved

Motioned: Ms. Traci Wetterau

Seconded: Mr. Douglas Schiefer, Vice President

Mr. Bradley Murtiff, PresidentX  
Mr. Douglas Schiefer, Vice PresidentX  
Dr. Paul JohnsonX  
Mr. Adam Stone   
Ms. Traci WetterauX