Board Meeting

1. Meeting Called To Order



1.1 Roll Call

1.2 Pledge of Allegiance

2. Approval Of Minutes

September 29, 2016  Regular Meeting Minutes

3. Presentations

3.1 Elks Lodge #156 presenting $2,000 Beacon Grant check to Backpack Program

3.2 Youth Leadership Council

Jonathon Shultz, Alexandria Rule, Brooklyn Spears, Kade Slagle, Julia VanVoorhis, Loarel Mollenkopf, Owen Browning

4. Commendations

4.1 Artwork Displayed at Central Office
Mr. Patrick Moore

Bailey Howell, Wayla Sutton, Evelyn Skidmore, and Lydia Stahl

4.2 Artwork Displayed at Central Office
Mr. Michael Striker

Tyler Rittenhour, Kelsey Carver, Victoria Adams, and Emmelia Bloomfield

5. Approve The Treasurer's Financial Report Dated:
Mr. Ryan Cook, Treasurer

Treasurer Ryan Cook presented the financial report dated September 30, 2016 

6. Approve The Addendum To The Agenda

7. Committee Reports

7.1 Legislative Report
Mr. Adam Stone

7.2 Athletics
Mr. Bradley Murtiff, President and Mr. Douglas Schiefer

7.3 Pioneer
Dr. Paul Johnson

7.4 Student Achievement
Dr. Paul Johnson

7.5 Wellness
Ms. Traci Wetterau

7.6 Student Representative
Ms. Sidney Stevens

8. Superintendent's Report
Mr. Kevin Kimmel, Superintendent

8.1 Board Report
Mr. Matt Henderson

8.2 Board Report
Mrs. Lorie Pennington

8.3 Board Report
Dr. Mark Burke

8.4 Board Report
Mrs. Erica Ward

8.5 Board Report
Mr. John Massara

9. Opportunity To Address The Board

(Please speak to the Treasurer prior to the start of this meeting.)

10. Personnel - Certified Staff

10.1 Approve the Substitute Teacher List from the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center, as per Exhibit A.

10.2 Approve a one-year limited supplemental contract, as per approved supplemental salary schedule, to the following personnel, for extra-curricular activities:

Jason Calder:  Home Instruction Tutor

Ashley Severt:  Junior Class Advisor, Half Contract


10.3 Approve request for Family Medical Leave Act for the following:

Joanna Barre:  November 4, 2016 through December 16, 2016

11. Personnel - Classified Staff

11.1 Employ the following personnel on a substitute basis, as per approved salary schedule, for the 2016-2017 school year, pending completion of all State and Board requirements, including a favorable background check:

Erin Mutchler-Rose

Mark Weaver

11.2 Approve changes to Renhill Contract of Services, as per Exhibit B.

11.3 Approve changes to Sodexo Contract of Services, as per Exhibit C.

11.4 Approve a one-year lmited supplemental contract, as per approved supplemental salary schedule, to the following personnel, for extra-curricular activities:

Roger DeLeon:  MS Assistant Wrestling Coach

Jason Slagle:  MS Assistant Boys Baskeball Coach


11.5 Approve a leave of absence, without pay, for the following:

Angelika Lederer:  November 15 and 16, 2016

11.6 Approve resignation from the following:

Scott Heinle:  Middle School Assistant Wrestling Coach

11.7 Approve a one-year limited supplemental contract, as per approved supplemental salary schedule, to the following personnel, for extra-curricular activities:

Scott Heinle:  Assistant Wrestling Coach - Volunteer

11.8 Accept resignation, for the purpose of retirement, from Lori Frost, Educational Aide, effective November 1, 2016, and authorize Treasurer to pay any severances due.

12. Business

12.1 Accept the following donations as stated:

Bucyrus City School District Staff Scholarship Fund                 $ 371.00

Bucyrus City School District employees

Athletic Donation from Dublin Lacrosse Team in Memory of Doug Tima $50.00

BES PTO Donation for Playground Equipment                         $ 667.49

12.2 Approve the Head Start Food Service Vending Agreement for FY 17, as per Exhibit D.

12.3 Approve the 2016-2017 District Calendar that reflects the addition of a one-hour early dismissal on Friday, December 2, 2016, as per Exhibit E.

12.4 Approve MOU for Mass Dispensing Site between Crawford County Board of Health and Bucyrus City Schools, as per Exhibit F.

12.5 Approve Physical Therapy Services Agreement with Mohican Rehabilitation Services, as per Exhibit G.

12.6 Approve the 2017 medical insurance premiums effective 1.1.2017, as per Exhibit H.

12.7 Accept the Bucyrus City Schools Education Foundation Teacher Mini-Grants, as per Exhibit I, awarded to:

Shari Shuck:   "Flexible Seating and Sensory Tools"  $356.27

Debra Breidenbach:  "BES Counseling Program"  $383.61

Nancy Lipscomb:  "Let's Find Out!  Connecting My Students to Their World"  $94.50

Michael Striker:  "Painting Easels / Supplies"  $483.80

Hannah Herring:  "The Workshop Way Thinkers"  $205.00

Patrick Moore:  "Quality Assurance"  $444.61

Michelle Vance:  "Robotics-Robots in the Classroom"  $359.96

Kindergarten:  "Celebrating Being Leaders and Growing Another Year"  $600.00

Sarah Pearce:  "The Giver Novel Unit"  $187.50

Amy Hawkins:  "Flexible Seating"  $500.00

12.8 The Board of Education appoints Ryan Cook, Treasurer, the district's public record compliance officer for fiscal year 2017. The Treasurer shall attend required compliance trainings and provide evidence of completion if requested by the Auditor of State.

12.9 Approve the 21st Century After-School Salary Schedule as per Exhibit J.

12.10 Approve the October 2016 Five-Year Forecast, as per Exhibit K.

12.11 Approve List of Eligible Drivers for Band Truck:

Mark Fiske, Greg Shifley, Austin Tuttle, Kyle Belcher, Casey Nickler, Beau Pojman, Patrick O'Connell, Glenn Welsh, Kevin Fourman, Jeff Tuttle, Mike Zimmerman, Mariann Zimmerman, Shelli Ashley, Kimberly Kent, Missi Hinkle, Stacy Ricker, and Wanda Miller.

13. Discussions

13.1 Neola Board Policy Updates, as per Exhibit L.

14. Communications

15. Announcements

15.1 MOESC All Boards Dinner - December 6, 2016

16. Executive Session

17. Adjourn Executive Session

18. Adjourn