Board Meeting

Board of Education Chambers of the Lincoln Administrative Center
Tuesday, March 31, 2015 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm

    1. Meeting Called To Order



    1.1 Roll Call

    1.2 Pledge of Allegiance

    2. Approval Of Minutes

    February 26, 2015 7pm Regular Meeting Minutes

    3. Commendations

    3.1 Positive Growth Awards
    Tim Souder

    Olivia Fletcher, Braylon Murphy, Christopher Quezada, Blayne Shroyer, Quintin Skidmore, Andrew Ashley, Myles Britt, Alexis Farnwalt, Paris Fuller, Brody Higginbotham, Korey Koons, Haylee Stratton, Johnathon Wion, Simon Eidson, Olivia Hardy, Laci Thomas, Devin Trent, Andy Case, Rayna Clayton, James Applegate, David Hendrickson, Brandon Hildebrand, Owen Bradley, Jazmine Henry.

    3.2 Display of Artwork in Central Office
    Doris Prenger, Olivia Adams, and Michael Striker

    Karter Boggs, Brooke Butler, Shaylee Campbell, Ashtin Clevenger, Amber Cooley, Makyla Ferris, Celina Kelley, Kaho Miyake, Tyson O'Brien, Keigo Omata, Michael Prine, Callie Reynolds, Kelci Simms, and Taischa Spears

    3.3 U.S. Army Field Band and Soldier's Chorus
    John Massara

    Mason Kent, Bailey Plumley, Jacob Ponziani, Mykayla Schwartz, Kayleigh Seiber, and Selena Snodgrass

    3.4 Cindy Wallis and Community Counseling Services, Inc.
    Kevin Kimmel

    4. Approve The Treasurer's Financial Report Dated:
    Mr. Ryan Cook, Treasurer

    Dated February 28, 2015

    5. Approve The Addendum To The Agenda

    5.1 Addendum

    Approve resignation of Teresa Sallee, Grade 4 Math, effective June 2, 2015.

    Employ Katrina Rothhaar on a substitute basis, as an educational aide, as per approved salary schedule, for the 2014-15 school year, pending completion of all State and Board requirements including a favorable background check.

    Approve resignation of Angie Kohler, educational aide, effective April 8, 2015.

    Removal of Lori Rister and Joni Potter from requesting Family Leave Medical Act (FMLA).

    6. Committee Reports

    6.1 Legislative Report
    Mr. Adam Stone

    6.2 Athletics
    Mr. Bradley Murtiff, President and Mr. Douglas Schiefer

    6.3 Pioneer
    Dr. Paul Johnson

    6.4 Student Achievement
    Dr. Paul Johnson

    6.5 Wellness
    Ms. Traci Wetterau

    6.6 Student Representative
    Ms. Taryn Ramsey

    7. Superintendent's Report
    Mr. Kevin Kimmel, Superintendent

    7.1 Board Report
    Matt Henderson

    Matt Henderson, Board Report

    Dr. Mark Burke, Board Report

    8. Opportunity To Address The Board

    (Please speak to the Treasurer prior to the start of this meeting.)

    9. Personnel - Certified Staff

    9.1 Approve the Substitute Teacher List from the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center, as per Exhibit A.

    9.2 Approve request for Family Medical Leave Act for the following:

    Karla Schiefer     February 11, 2015 - March 25, 2015


    9.3 Accept resignation, for the purpose of retirement, and authorize Treasurer to pay any severances due, to the following:

    Rebecca Gottfried, Intervention Specialist / 4th grade, effective June 1, 2015

    Debra Hoover, Literacy Coach, effective June 1, 2015

    Joni Potter, Grade 4 English / Language Arts, effective June 1, 2015

    Teresa Sallee, Grade 4 Math, effective June 2, 2015 (Addendum)


    10. Personnel - Classified Staff

    10.1 Approve changes to Classified Substitute List

    Employ the following personnel on a substitute basis, as per approved salary schedule, for the 2014-15 school year, pending completion of all State and Board requirements, including a favorable background check:

    Tena Herman, substitute secretary

    June Welsh, substitute bus driver, custodian, and secretary

    Katrina Rothhaar, substitute educational aide (Addendum)


    10.2 Accept the following resignation for the purpose of retirement and authorize the treasurer to pay any severances due to the following:

    Shirley Chapman, food service assistant, effective July 1, 2015

    10.3 Accept the following resignation:

    Mariann Zimmerman, educational aide, effective April 1, 2015  (Renhill)

    Angie Kohler, educational aide, effective April 8, 2015 (Renhill) (Addendum)

    10.4 Approve a one-year limited supplemental contract, as per approved supplemental salary schedule, to the following personnel for the 2014-15 school year for extra-curricular activities.

    Pending completion of all State and Board requirements, including a favorable background check to:

    Phil Joseph, Freshman Assistant Freshman Softball Coach

    Tyson Mollenkopf, High School Assistant Softball Coach

    Jill Burling, High School Assistant Softball Coach

    10.5 Approve changes to Sodexo Contract of Services, as per Exhibit B.

    11. Business

    11.1 Amend Contract for Maxim Healthcare Services, as per Exhibit C.

    11.2 Approve an Advance to the Lunchroom Fund (006)

    Approve the advance of $125,000.00 from the General Fund (001) to the Lunchroom Fund (006).

    11.3 Approve updated Appropriations and Revenues

    Approve the updated Appropriation Resolution and Certificate of Estimated Resources as attached.

    11.4 Approve Abandonment of Band Bus

    Approve the abandoment of the old band bus VIN # 2GBHG31MXG4106569 a 1986 Chevrolet.  The bus will be scrapped and the proceeds of the bus will be donated to the band boosters.  The approximate scrap value of the bus is $500.00.

    Upon approval, the Treasurer will notify the district's insurance carrier of the vehicle's disposition.

    11.5 Approve the Purpose Clause and Budget for Science Club, as per Exhibit G.

    11.6 Approve Purpose Clause and Budget for Academic Boosters, as per Exhibit H.

    11.7 MOU with BEA (Days to Hours), per Exhibit I.

    11.8 Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center True Up, as per Exhibit J.

    11.9 Financial Addendum to College Credit Plus Agreement with North Central State College, as per Exhibit K.

    11.10 Addendum to College Credit Plus program with Marion Technical College, as per Exhibit L.

    11.11 Accept the Bucyrus City Schools Education Foundation Teacher Mini-Grants, as per Exhibit M, awarded to:

    Kristine Fourman / Angela Skinner    Prologue 2Go App     $219.00

    11.12 Accept the Bucyrus City Schools Education Foundation Bridges Grant, as per Exhibit N, awarded to:

    Kim Haldeman     Leader in Me Program     $1,000.00

    11.13 Accept the following donations as stated:

    Bucyrus City School District Staff Scholarship Fund                  $ 220.50

    Bucyrus City School District employees

    12. Discussions

    12.1 Neola Board Policy Update, per Exhibit O.

    12.2 Student Fees - Class fees / Course fees

    12.3 Student Fees - Drug Testing fees

    12.4 Student Fees - Pay-to-Play / Participation fees

    13. Communications

    14. Announcements

    15. Executive Session

    15.1 Recess to Executive Session O.R.C. 121.22 to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion or compensation of a public employee or official.

    16. Adjourn Executive Session

    17. Adjourn